Meet David, Shoofping 3D Modeler

Hi! I’m David, My closest friends call me “López” (My first last name) I don’t know why, but it doesn’t matter. I’m an artist in Bucaramanga, Colombia with a big passion for sculpture, the human anatomy, classic music (instrumental music) and lately the violoncello.
My background is in audiovisual media and 3d graphics, I worked making videos and videogames, with a big love for what I do, my skills are the motion graphics, creative ideas (I won some international prices for it), character animation, 3D modeling of characters and modeling different assets for videogames.
I didn’t work with AR but I want to give my all in this ambicious project with shoofping, have to say that I never think about fashion before but looking back to my different works, I spent a lot of time thinking how I am going to dress my 3d characters, what kind of clothes is better, hours of looking for references and I guess with a nice final results, then that made me think that I have a hidden talent for fashion waiting for go out to the light!
My future projects, travel around the world, complete my master degree in Character animation and Canada my next country to living and working.