No need to go to stores anymore thanks to Shoof Eyewear Brands Try-On Solution!!!

– So I think I’m buying these sunglasses I saw online. I absolutely love them.                                         

– Well yeah they’re cute, but are you sure they’ll suit you? I mean sunglasses must be tried on and you can’t do it unless you go to the store.

Fashion lovers and seekers of new trends often face these kinds of dilemmas while shopping online. Thanks to technology, we’ve been blessed with e-commerce and since then, shopping has never been so convenient. With the rise of online shopping, you can get your orders with a couple of clicks on the mouse or touches on the screen. Nevertheless, bad surprises do happen. This is why Shoofping, a perfect mingling between Mother Technology and fashion, has been created. Shoofping commits to prevent you from these disappointments using AR for the sake of fashion.

What is Augmented Reality?

In a nutshell, AR is a technique that overlays real world with simulated components. Your surroundings become digitally manipulable and interactive. Nowadays, almost every thing you see on your screens is obtained with AR : filters, football scores, information bars during the news…                              

How does Shoof Try-On works?

Shoof uses input devices and sensors to align, in real time, virtual information (the glasses) on physical world (your face). Even better, the glasses stay on when you turn your head along 180°, just like in the real world!  You can select the glass you like among the items displayed and you’ll see it appear on the screen and adjust to your face.

Thus, you will still be able to profit from the perks of online shopping without worrying weather your glasses will suit you or not, this is what AR can bring to you, this is what Shoofping can bring to fashion.

So go Try on our Demo solution now and treat yourself some trendy glasses online. The result promises to be breathtaking!! Life may not be perfect but your glasses can be.

Shoof Try On

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Yasmine Ben Hamadi, Shoofping Blogger